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Coles Marine Deck Type Air Conditioners

Deck units provide an energy efficient solution for independent or centralized air conditioning. These air conditioning units are formed by assembling the condensing unit, air handling unit (AHU) and electric control device on the same common foundation. The biggest advantage of deck type units is ease of installation. All it needs are outside cables for power, air ducts, and cooling water pipes to start running.

Coles’ deck type marine air conditioning units can be classified into two:

Reciprocating Type Deck Unit

These types of compressors adopt a volumetric compression system using pistons and work much like an internal combustion engine. The pistons run up and down inside cylinders, producing suction and compression of the refrigerant gas. Each cylinder has a suction valve for the gas refrigerant and a discharge valve to deliver the gas to the condenser after having been compressed.

In general, these are noisy compressors and create considerable vibrations that are felt around the entire circuit. Moreover, these are more susceptible to liquid return. Their construction technology is however quite simple and well established, making these compressors the best choice in the past for low cost and low capacity commercial applications.

Reciprocating compressors are defined as open when one end of the crankshaft protrudes outside of the sump (the casing that houses the pistons and mechanisms inside the compressor) and can be opened. Semi-hermetic means the compressor itself and the motor are housed in the same casing, which is designed to be opened for inspection and servicing. In this case, the motor shaft and crankshaft are one single piece. Semi-hermetic compressors are made in such a way as to avoid air or dust from entering the mechanisms.

Reciprocating compressors are called hermetic when the casing is welded and sealed and the cylinder heads cannot be accessed for inspection or maintenance.

open reciprocating type deck unit

Open Reciprocating Type Deck Unit

semi hermetic reciprocating type deck unit

Semi-Hermetic Reciprocating Type Deck Unit

Scroll Type Deck Unit

Scroll compressors use two scrolls, one fixed and the other moving and coupled to the motor. The scrolls are interleaved so as to be in contact with one another in various places and thus form a series of gradually thinner pockets of air towards the centre. The fluid is compressed by rotation of the orbiting scroll around the fixed scroll until being discharged in the centre.

Advantages of scroll compressors include smaller dimensions and lower weight. They also have very high efficiency at the design compressor ratio, which however decreases at different working conditions. Their best feature is low noise operation and reduced vibrations.

scroll type deck unit

Scroll Type Deck Unit


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