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Whether wanting to heat or cool an enclosed area or room on a marine vessel  ducted systems offers a suitable and efficient option, however you need to be mindful of a few other factors using these types of systems for marine use such as corrosion, location of equipment, vibration and movement, electrolysis and also power supplies as some ships and boats run on 110 Volt in stead of the standard 240 Volt in Australia, however if we take the above into consideration split systems can be a cheap alternative to conventional marine cooling systems.

Marine ducted systems can work extremely effectively if designed and installed correctly, they can also create many issues with temperature differences experienced across different areas of the ship and depending upon were the internal heat generating equipment is located, it is highly recommended that you seek professional advise such as a Coles engineer to ensure the right system and layout is selected to minimise issues in the future. Please bare in mind that with large industrial areas with multiply working conditions and different areas there is always generally going to be a few issues with different temperatures and airflows, this is were it is critical in the initial design stage to make sure that the critical plant and workers have priority over the system to ensure that the critical areas are conditioned first.

Industrial ducted systems provide conditioned air to a number of rooms or spaces at the same time. The air is distributed on large systems via solid metal main duct work with flexible duct work and fittings branching off the main run to the various outlets, on smaller ducted systems and your general domestic systems we can utilise flexible duct work and fittings without the need of solid metal main ducting, this saves both time and money. Coles utilises good quality flexible duct work and insulation, we can also ensure that all current BCA Section J requirements are fulfilled if required on your Basic’s or DA report, there are also cheap and nasty options in the market place which need to be avoided when selecting ductwork and fittings, hence why Coles only selects premium quality products from reputable suppliers.

In regards to grille selection and options, you need to speak to the right people with the right knowledge and access to the various suppliers in the market place, Coles has the right knowledge, the right engineer skills, good relationships with the right suppliers and can offer many different styles, options, colours, finishes and designs to accommodate your architectural requirements whilst also being ascetically pleasing to look at.  These grilles seamlessly fit into any room or venue without the necessity for large or visible units and brackets as you would have with a split system.

In terms of energy, the systems come in many sizes and configurations and a Coles sales engineer will advise as to which model will most effectively meet your requirements.

There are many options and choices available with Ducted air conditioning systems, with inverter and non-inverter models, digital scrolls and hybrids, as well as low static to high static systems, variable speed indoor fans and those that run from single-phase to three-phase ( note some units may require three-phase power). For those thinking about future running costs and energy efficiency, an Inverter or digital scroll system delivers consistent temperatures in the most efficient, cost effective and productive way.  This is achieved by the system balancing extreme shifts in power and maintaining the temperature over a period of time, thus eliminating the need to re-heat or re-cool an area. This efficient process also eliminates excess noise and reaches any set temperature faster than a standard on / off type system.

Like Split air-conditioning systems, ducted systems also require both an indoor and outdoor unit that are connected together by a series of interconnecting services which includes insulated refrigerant pipes, electrical cables and drainage. The indoor unit may be placed either in a roof cavity or under the flooring, depending on access and practicality. Connected ducting is then run to various locations in your building or venue and conditioned air is emitted into the room via grilles located on the floor, walls or ceiling. It is also possible to air-condition multi-story buildings, and a sales engineer will explain how a series of ‘droppers’ can be discretely located to reach ground levels.  It is also possible to ‘zone’ different areas of your building, meaning some areas can be on or off at the same time, providing an efficient and cost-effective way to air-condition your home or business. Outdoor units will either stand on a concrete slab, plastic feet, and adjustable roof brackets or be mounted by custom made heavy duty hot dipped Galvanised brackets.

Coles air-conditioning, using only well recognised and trusted products, ensure the most efficient and productive system is created for your space. Coles’ sales engineers and installation technician’s use only high quality copper and pipe insulation as well as energy efficient ducting and good quality drive open drive closed zone motors.