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Coles Marine Package Air Conditioners

Packaged air conditioners contain all the necessary components in a compact casing. They provide excellent cooling when power is supplied and the drain and cooling water piping are connected. They can be installed almost anywhere in new or old ships in a minimum amount of space. Furthermore, the attractive casing is designed to harmonize with the interior decoration of cabins. They are especially good for air conditioning saloons, mess rooms, office and dining rooms. In addition, they are ideal for air conditioning engine control rooms.


Accurate Choice – this properly sized product assures accurate cooling load matching and optimum air distribution. Plenum chamber type packaged air conditioners (free blow type) are capable of adjusting air discharge. The air discharge grilles are mounted on a plenum chamber on the top of the unit. Duct type packaged air conditioners designed for ducted air distribution systems, thereby enabling central air conditioning.

High Durability – these air conditioners are specifically designed in consideration of unique conditions of a ship such as bending, torsion and elongation caused by rolling and pitching of a ship, etc.

Energy Saving Component – the highly efficient compressor, evaporator, fans, motor, and sea and fresh water cooled condenser need less power by adopting optimum design.

Reliable Protection System – the compressor is protected by a three-phase thermal type overcurrent relay and a pressure switch to protect against refrigerant system default.

Quiet operation – to reduce the noise from the evaporator unit, a compressor and a fan with low noise and sound-absorbing materials are used. Vibration-proof rubber bushing under the compressor helps to reduce noise and vibration.

In a marine environment package units have to be selected to suit the conditions and the situation that they are going to be used for. They are not commonly used in the marine sector but some systems have been installed and working quite well. The standard things need to be taken into consideration such as corrosion, location of equipment, vibration and movement, electrolysis and also power supply as some ships and boats run on 110 Volt instead of the standard 240 Volt in Australia. If we take the above into consideration, we can design a system to suit your needs.

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The capacity range is quiet large starting out at around 8kW and going up to 200kW mark. The great advantage with the newer package units is the option to fit an economy cycle onto the unit from the factory. This means that when the temperature outside is lower than the set point inside, the system will close a damper in the return air path and open a damper to the outside and draw 100% fresh air into the building. This means the compressor isn’t running to cool the air which means a massive power saving plus you are flushing all the old stale air out. This leads to better indoor air quality.

The Characteristics of vessel or space, including size, use, orientation and windows all influence the size and capacity of the system needed and your Coles engineer will provide reliable advice to which system would be most successful in meeting your requirements, needs and demands.

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