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Package units offer a cost effective air conditioning system for large generally open areas such as super markets, cinema’s, shopping centres, industrial sites and are suitable for certain commercial office environments if selected and designed correctly.

In a marine environment package units have to be selected to suit the conditions and the situation that they are going to be used for, they are not commonly used in the marine sector but some systems have been installed and working quiet well, the standard things need to be taken into consideration such as corrosion, location of equipment, vibration and movement, electrolysis and also power supplies as some ships and boats run on 110 Volt in stead of the standard 240 Volt in Australia, however if we take the above into consideration we can design a system to suit your needs.

The capacity range is quiet large starting out at around 8kW and going up to 200kW mark, the great advantage with the newer package units is the option to fit an economy cycle onto the unit from the factory, this means that when the temperature outside is lower than the set point inside the system will close a damper in the return air path and open a damper to the outside and draw 100% fresh air into the building, this means the compressor isn’t running to cool the air which means a massive power saving plus you are flushing all the old stale air out of the office, this leads to better indoor air quality which in turn will mean slightly more productivity out of the staff as the build-up of carbon monoxide, viruses  and other contaminates are expelled from the building. Fresher air = brighter staff, brighter staff = more work completed with better concentration levels and should reduce the amount of days off work for sick leave.

coles industrial package units

The other benefit of these systems is that we can generally locate the outdoor unit on either the roof or out of the way so that it isn’t visually seen or if it is a noise sensitive area we can locate the package unit away from the sensitive areas. This can also facilitate servicing of the systems as the service technician doesn’t necessaries need to enter the building to preform the service work as all moving parts and equipment is located outside of the building or in a plant room.

The Characteristics of your room or space, including size, use, orientation and windows all influence the size and capacity of the system needed and your Coles engineer will provide reliable advice to which system would be most successful in meeting your requirements, needs and demands.

Over the past 73+ years Coles Refrigeration and Air-Conditioning have maintained their reputation as Newcastle’s leading air-conditioning and refrigeration company by ensuring their staff have the products, knowledge, expertise and experience to create efficient and reliable air-conditioning systems  tailored to your specific requirements.

Contacting Coles Refrigeration and Air-conditioning to organise a consultation with a sales engineer will ensure your system is able to meet all of your requirements in the most practical and efficient way.  This process is obligation free, free of charge and will provide you with not only a detailed quote but also honest valuable advice from recognised air-conditioning experts with decades of experience.