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In this section we are going to mainly concentrate on the commercial kitchen make up air requirements to ensure that your establishment conforms to the Australian standards, building code of Australian and other local regulations. Please feel free to contact one of our experienced Sales team if you require any further information on the other above forms of fresh air systems.

As per AS1668 we are required to replenish 80 to 90% of the commercial kitchen’s exhaust air rate with suitable quality fresh air.

Again we can utilize any of the above means of ventilation to meet these requirements however the most common type at the moment is the evaporative cooling systems, these have in the past given some relief to the hot kitchen environment whilst having good running costs, these systems work on supplying 100% fresh semi conditioned air into the kitchen and this air is than exhausted out through the commercial kitchen exhaust system.

In the future heat recovery fresh air systems will gain in popularity as electricity costs continue to rise and as the emphasis grows in regards to energy efficiency and efficient buildings and designs. For further information on evaporative cooling please see section under air conditioning evaporative cooling for an overview of these systems.

Coles will custom design and make to order any fresh air or ventilation systems that you may require, with over 80 years experience we can ensure that your system is designed, quoted, installed and commissioned to the highest standards and also ensuring that all Australian standards, codes and local regulations are meet and exceeded.

Please contact one of our sales engineers in the mechanical services department to either attend site or meet with you to sit down and go over your requirements.

Type of Fresh Air Systems

Evaporative Cooling Systems


Mechanically Assisted Fresh Air Systems

Mechanically assisted fresh air systems

Passive Fresh Air Systems

passive fresh air systems

Heat Recovery Fresh Air Systems

Heat recovery fresh air systems

Commercial Kitchen Make Up Air Systems

commercial kitchen fresh air system