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Cessnock is one of the bustling cities in the Hunter Region of New South Wales. It is a growing city with a population of more than 21,000 as of 2016. Because of the decline of the region’s mining industry, Cessnock shifted to industrialisation and urbanisation. Increased numbers of offices and homeowners have started to populate the city, and it’s steadily booming. The climate of Cessnock is relatively warm during summers, peaking to 27 to 30 degrees Celsius, which means air conditioning units are in demand. Coles Air Conditioning services are ready as ever to provide air conditioning and refrigeration to people living in Cessnock, NSW.

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Cheap Isn't Always Best.

If you’re planning to install air conditioning (AC) in your home, then don’t resort to cheap units. Being thrifty may be beneficial in certain aspects of life, but when choosing the right AC unit for your home, quality is foremost. Coles Air Conditioning will help you choose the best AC unit perfect for your home. The AC unit used must be of good quality that will maintain the health and safety of the people who will use it. Also, it must be durable and long-lasting, which is found only in quality products. So, to get the best AC unit in your home, focus more on quality and performance.

Quality AC unit prices

It isn’t very easy for many people to scout the market for affordable, yet quality AC units. That is why Cessnock Air Conditioning will help you get the best-fit air conditioning system for your home. Your AC should be based on the dimension of your home and your air conditioning needs. Coles Air Conditioning will take all of vital information about your home and scout the market for the best AC unit to use. You will have a choice of different brands for you to choose, but we will also offer you our opinion on what’s the best option. We aim to provide you with the best AC unit in your home and guide you through the selection process.

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Updated AC listings

Coles Air Conditioning will keep you updated with the latest AC unit designs in the market today. With all of the big AC brands out there, we will help you make the most out of your budget to avoid under-spending or overspending. Our customers will receive advice from expert AC technicians on how to choose the best units for their homes to how much to spend. Aside from this, Cessnock Air Conditioning service will help you navigate through the market and purchase quality units from credible suppliers. Cessnock will also provide a price list of various AC unit modules and parts to help you budget. If you are planning on installing an AC unit in your home, check out our page and see all of the services we will provide to every customer.

Customer Service Expertise

Cessnock Air Conditioning ensures all of our customers that expert technicians provide all customer services. Everyone near and around Cessnock can access our comprehensive AC service provided by qualified technicians. Services offered by Cessnock Air Conditioning are the following:

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Expert technicians

The foundation of Cessnock Air Conditioning is the expert technicians who are ready to help customers with their AC needs. Our technicians are licensed professionals capable of providing information for customers to choose the best product for their homes. These are the primary criteria for selecting the best AC unit for your home.

Unit Durability

The lifespan of each AC unit is essential to know when choosing the best one for you. The average lifespan is between 10 to 15 years. Some may reach 20 years, depending on the frequency of usage. Air conditioning units, especially those of the big brands, are expected to perform reliably. However, there are cases where newly bought and installed AC units breakdown suddenly. Cessnock Air Conditioning service will help you select a reliable unit perfect for your home.

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Operational cost

One of the crucial things to consider when buying an AC unit is its running cost. Air conditioning units can ramp up your electricity bill, especially if your unit is not a good fit with your home. Our technicians will help you calculate the running cost of an AC unit when installed in your home, so as for you to make a conscious and informed decision when you finally purchase.

Environmental footprint

Though most AC units today less of an environmental footprint than older units, still they can affect the environment. Our expert technicians can educate and inform customers on how much effect their AC unit has to the environment and offer some tips on how to reduce potential harm to the ecosystem.

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Popular AC Brands

Some of the most popular AC brands available in Australia, especially in Cessnock, New South Wales include:

Though all the brands listed above are available in Australia, Mitsubishi is regarded as one of the classic brands in the country. The Mitsubishi AC models are robust, reliable and described by many as some of the quietest AC units on the market to date. This type of AC is perfect for homes as they offer silence and peace of mind.

Daikin is a much sought-after brand for homes, offices, shops and hotels across Australia and around the world and is consistently ranked highly for its reliability, value for money, noise while operating and ease of use.

As a trusted Australian-owned brand, Actron Air is popular amongst home and business owners in Cessnock and throughout New South Wales. The company has been making world-class air conditioners since 1984 and has established a reputation for its resilience, reliability and durability.

Coles Air Conditioning Service

Coles Air Conditioning Service is ready to cater to all kinds of customers seeking an AC unit for their homes. With the help of our company and our line of expert technicians, we can ensure that your home will have the best AC unit one can buy. Also, we will make sure that you’ll get your money’s worth by purchasing only the best brands that will best fit your unique needs and requirements.

Client Reviews

  • I just thought I would share some feedback with you on this very hot day. In the past, our air conditioning has always struggled badly on these hot days.The guys out the front (with glass windows) would be sweating and they would turn the air right down. The people in the back of the office would need to bring jumpers and cardigans to work on a day like this. BUT NOW – AFTER YOUR TECHNICIAN WAS HERE LAST MONTH. It’s fantastic.  We have been in this building for 10 years and the air conditioning has never worked better!! So thank you to everyone there for making that happen for us. We are all very happy and have been mostly unaware that it’s even a hot day out there. We love it!!

  • Thank you Coles Refrigeration & Air Conditioning for the professional work you produced in installing the bar and kitchen at the Mark Hotel.

    Your professionalism, quality, honesty, and delivery timeframes were outstanding given you were under an extremely tight schedule to get the project completed. I was especially impressed with your effort to accommodate any additions to the original scope, including the client's request to refurbish the entire kitchen two weeks prior to Christmas. I have no hesitation in recommending you and Coles Refrigeration & Air Conditioning to future clients and trust we will continue to further strengthen the relationship between our companies.

  • Coles have been responsible for the provision, installation and servicing of all our beverage and catering equipment, air conditioning & general refrigeration. I have conducted business with Coles since 1994. I have no hesitation in recommending Coles Refrigeration & Air Conditioning to prospective clients.

  • We were impressed by the excellent sales advise, design, installation and after sales service we received. All equipment restoration was carried out professionally keeping costs to a minimum. Coles Refrigeration & Air Conditioning ensured that our budget was met and that we received the best available equipment within that budget. For future requirement, we will not hesitate to involve Coles Refrigeration & Air Conditioning. Thank you for the professional input and service!

  • Thank you for the excellent work produced by your staff during the fit out of our new kitchen. The stainless steel exhaust and benchwork are second to none. Our cool room, pantry and freezer are working beautifully and the shelving and the layouts are exactly to our requirements. I will always be available to be contacted to recommend the work you and your staff did on our new kitchen.

  • Throughout all the stages of development and construction, I always found the staff from Coles to be highly professional and diligent in their works. Cole's tradesmen who carried out the works at our site were always helpful and met our stringent OH&S requirements. The buildings that were refurbished present various challenges with timeframes and meeting relevant codes and standards. With Cole's help, we were able to meet and exceed all expectations. I have no hesitation in recommending Coles Refrigeration for any future works in which they tender.

  • Mitchel Cousins has presented at two workshops held by the Energy Hunter team, helping businesses gain an understanding of real life ways to improve performance, reliability and cost savings of plant and equipment. Mitchell displayed high level of knowledge in both his specific industry, as well as energy efficiency. It was a pleasure working with Mitchell and I would happily do so again.

  • I was on site this morning at 47 Darby Street for the RMS Fitout project, and the foreman was heaping a fair bit of praise on you guys for the quality and speed of work! Thanks for helping us out on this one.

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