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Coles Marine Air Conditioning Systems

The marine environment is extremely harsh putting every refrigeration system, every valve and every fitting to the test. Coles offers refrigeration solutions for marine applications, from refrigeration on cargo ships, cruise ships and fishing vessels to air conditioning systems offering pleasant passenger comfort while aboard. Marine air conditioning is a highly specialised area. Coles provides innovative marine climate control solutions and support services to meet the needs of ship yards, ship owners and ship suppliers, via an extensive network of marine HVAC experts and installation engineers.


Packaged units provide a self-contained marine air conditioning solution, delivering high
energy efficiency and a wide
operation range.


Coles’ chillers have you covered, ensuring the cooling your guests and crew demand, all with maximum reliability and efficiency – and minimum use of valuable onboard space.


Deck units provide an energy efficient solution for independent or centralized air conditioning. The biggest advantage of deck type units is ease of installation.