Common Air Conditioning Installation Mistakes

Installing an air conditioning unit may seem simple, but it is actually more complicated than you might think. To ensure that you install your unit properly, you have to consider a range of factors, including the size of your air conditioning unit, the dimensions of the room you are going to put it into, and the […]

Why You Need Quality Air Conditioning

If there is one thing we can all agree on, it is that the average temperature is quickly climbing higher by the minute. To many people, this makes air conditioning units a necessity. These indoor fixtures help people cope with the heat by adjusting and cooling the indoor room temperature to their preferred setting, providing […]

What Exactly Happens with Your Electric Consumption When It’s Hot?

As the temperatures in Australia soar up, the concerns regarding its detrimental effects steadily grow. The Australian Medical Association has already labelled heat as a silent killer. Severe heat stress can cause dehydration, loss of electrolytes, and damage to the heart and kidneys. An extreme heat wave that occurred in South-eastern Australia in 2009 made […]

Comparing Labour Rates

Hourly labour rates are often a poor price indicator.  Labour rates are only one of many elements which multiply together to give a final price.  (Coles Refrigeration & Air Conditioning Pty Ltd has maintained a large customer base for 78 years because customers find our total invoice price, competitive, fair, reasonable and honest). If another […]

Energy Saving Tips

Content Sourced from Energy Australia Making a few small changes to the way you use energy could make a difference to your next energy bill. 1. The family room Switch appliances off at the wall: TVs, DVD players, computers, stereos and game consoles still use energy in standby mode. When not in use, switch these appliances […]

Ultra Quiet Air Conditioners

Ultra quiet operation during the day and even quieter at night. The MSZ-GE series features some of the quietest indoor units in the industry, as low as 19 B(A). Indoor Units Ultra-quiet 19 dB Operation Our indoor units are some of the quietest in the industry, operating at a noise level of as low as […]

Mitsubishi Electric Phone App

Are you looking to install the latest technology in ducted or split system air conditioning into your home? Well check this out from Coles Refrigeration & Air Conditioning. They have the range of Mitsubishi Electric Air Conditioners that have the ability to be controlled from anywhere in the world. So imagine getting out of the […]

Legionnaires Disease

Legionnaire’s disease outbreaks have radically changed ideas towards air conditioning preventative maintenance. Employers are legally liable if air conditioning systems are not maintained. Cooling water towers and air conditioning filters need to be cleaned and serviced regularly to avoid bacteria. Extensive information on this subject is available from our engineering department. Legionella bacterium  The first known outbreak of […]

Buying an Air Conditioner

1. Avoid buying off the shelf air conditioners from retail stores that do not have specialist expertise to measure and advise you on your air conditioning needs. 2. Avoid selecting an air conditioner on the basis of the horsepower (HP). Check the fine print. The true capacity is shown as “net cooling/heating capacity” in WATTS […]


During the winter months when the outdoor temperature generally falls, the outdoor section of the air conditioner may start to form ice over the coil. This is a normal occurrence because the coil temperature is approximately zero degrees or below. Zero degrees; of course is freezing point for water that may be in the air […]