Types of Air conditioners


Commercial Ducted Systems

Ducted Systems

If you’re looking to condition your entire premises, ducted air conditioning is a great solution. And to ensure you find the right solution, there are a number of factors to consider. What are the local environmental conditions?

multi split systems at a glance, Commercial Multi Split Systems

Multi-Split Systems

A single wall split air conditioning unit is great for a single room, however, if you need multiple rooms air conditioned, then you need to consider the multi split system.

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Packaged AC Systems

f floor space is at a premium, packaged air conditioning is a great solution. Our wide range of packaged air conditioners have been designed to ensure we have the solution for every need, offering robust performance.

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Split Systems

Most modern offices and commercial buildings feature air conditioning to help improve the comfort levels for employees and visitors, as well as boost motivation amongst staff.


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Ducted Systems

If you’re looking for an affordable way to cool or heat your whole home, a ducted air conditioning system may be exactly what you need. Home ducted air conditioning systems are made up of an indoor unit and outdoor unit.

Multi-split air conditioning system in a residential living room with a red interior

Multi-Split Systems

Looking for a stylish, cost-effective, and energy-efficient comfort for multiple rooms in your house? Then a muti-split air conditioning system is what you need. With stylish indoor units, a wide range of models for each room.

Single split air conditioner in residential living room with a beige interior design

Single Split Systems

If you’re looking for optimum comfort in every season without compromising on style or dealing with the louder noises of conventional box style air conditioner.