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Benches and Shelving |
Benches and Shelving |

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Coles Refrigeration offers comprehensive bench and shelving services for commercial kitchens. Our team specialises in designing, installing, and supplying benches and shelves that meet the specific needs of your kitchen. We understand the importance of efficient workflow and organisation in a busy kitchen environment, and our services are aimed at optimising functionality and space utilisation. With our expertise, we design benches and shelves that are tailored to your kitchen layout, ensuring seamless integration and maximising storage capacity. Our skilled technicians handle professional installation, ensuring proper placement and stability. We also provide a wide range of bench and shelving options to suit various requirements. Trust Coles Refrigeration to deliver high-quality, functional, and reliable benches and shelves for your commercial kitchen.

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Coles Refrigeration specialises in supplying benches and shelves designed specifically for the unique needs of commercial kitchens. Our experienced team takes into account your kitchen layout, workflow, and equipment requirements to design and build sturdy, functional, and efficient workstations. Whether you need stainless steel benches for hygiene and durability or customized materials to match your kitchen aesthetic, we can accommodate your preferences. Our shelving solutions are designed to maximise storage capacity and organisation, ensuring easy access to ingredients, utensils, and equipment. With a focus on quality craftsmanship and attention to detail, we deliver bespoke benches and shelves that optimise productivity and enhance the overall functionality of your commercial kitchen.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, our experienced technicians provide professional installation services for the benches and shelves we design and build. We ensure proper placement and stability, ensuring that the installations meet safety standards.

Certainly! Our shelving solutions are designed to optimise storage capacity and organisation in commercial kitchens. We can create wall-mounted shelves, free-standing units, and other customised options to suit your storage needs.

Yes, we specialise in creating customised solutions for kitchens of all sizes, including small spaces. Our team will design benches and shelves that make the most of your available space, maximising functionality and storage capacity.

Absolutely. Whether you need to upgrade your current benches and shelves or add new ones to your existing kitchen, we can provide retrofitting services. Our team will assess your space and requirements to create seamless integration with your current setup.

Yes, we can create custom shelving solutions to accommodate specific kitchen equipment or appliances. Whether you need shelves designed for ovens, mixers, or other specialized equipment, our team will work with you to design the perfect solution.

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