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Coles Commercial Air Conditioning Systems

The perfect working environment is essential for all businesses. From supermarkets to offices, from public buildings to hotels, from restaurants to shops it is essential that the quality of the air is optimised at all times. No space is used in exactly the same way and that calls for flexible, tailored and economic solutions.  Coles understands this and its “total solution” concept is built around customised solutions, for individual clients. Whether air conditioning, heating, ventilation, air curtains or refrigeration, Coles has the units, the experience and the solution for you.


Most modern offices and commercial buildings feature air conditioning to help improve the comfort levels for employees and visitors. Designed for Australian conditions, these products are ideal solutions to efficiently heat or cool single room spaces.

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A single wall split air conditioning unit is great for a single room, however, if you need multiple rooms air conditioned, then you need to consider the multi split system. Multi Split Systems are deal for installation in larger areas.

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Ducted air conditioner consists of an indoor and outdoor unit and flexible ducting. No matter what your requirements are, our range of smart, reliable and energy efficient ducted air conditioners means we have the solution for you.

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If floor space is at a premium, packaged air conditioning is a great solution. Our wide range of packaged air conditioners have been designed to ensure we have the solution for every need.

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VRV & VRF air-conditioning units are perfect for large commercial projects or luxury homes.  They allow for a wide variety of indoor units to be connected to one or more outdoor units.