Energy Saving Tips for Business Owners in the Midst of a Pandemic

Energy saving tips for business owners in the midst of a pandemic

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These energy saving hacks can help businesses cut overhead expenses.

The pandemic has affected businesses, big and small, the world over. Many big international names have closed operations and branches as a result of COVID-19. Some which remained open have had to reduce staff and operating hours to survive.

Judo Bank estimates that 160,000 of the 2 million small businesses in Australia have been affected by the Corona Virus pandemic. According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS), around 35% of Australian businesses will have difficulty paying all their financial obligations. Small businesses are expected to suffer more than large corporations.

With these things in mind, business owners should be proactive in finding ways where they can save money. It is important in a volatile economic environment to be always on guard. One of the ways in which businesses can save is through efficient and mindful use of energy. When you save on your energy usage, you do not just save on your operating expenses; you also help conserve the environment by lowering your carbon footprint.

Reduce Your Energy Usage with these Tips

Here are some practical energy saving tips that businesses can adopt to reduce their electricity usage.

1. Review your energy usage.

The first step that you can take is to review your monthly bills and usage. Understand how much power you use to keep your business running. Compare energy bills and check how many appliances were running for those bills. You can also get an energy audit and a professional can help determine your baseline energy usage.

2. Review your equipment and appliances.

You may be using older appliance models that can be inefficient and consume more energy. The simplest change that you can do is to upgrade your lighting. If you’re still not using LED lights, then switch now. They are more energy-efficient than incandescent bulbs. Plus, they also last longer, which can give you additional savings.

Before you buy new appliances, be sure to check their Energy Rating Label. You can usually find this rating in air conditioners, computer monitors, fridges, freezers, and TVs. More stars in the rating label simply means that the appliance is more efficient compared to other models of the same type and size. Most products are rated from 1 to 6 stars. However, energy-efficiency also improves with the aid of technology. You can now find efficient appliances that are rated up to 10 stars.

Choosing equipment that can hibernate when not in use can also help you save energy. For instance, modern computers can go into hibernation or standby mode when not in use for several minutes. Laptops are more energy-efficient than a PC setup, so you can choose laptops for simple office tasks.

Energy saving tips for business owners in the midst of a pandemic

3. Make use of technology.

Technology has helped make our lives easier and comfortable. It can also help you in your effort to be more energy-efficient. Make use of timers when you use appliances.

You can also use motion sensors for your lights so that they will automatically turn off when no one is in the room. Your staff may sometimes forget to turn off the lights in the stock room after getting what they need in haste. Motion sensors can also be used in restrooms so that your customers do not have to turn on and off the lights, making it safer and more hygienic for everyone.

4. Review how you use your fridge.

If you are using more than one fridge, you can review how you are using them. With full stock, you may need all four fridges. But in the middle of the week, you may find that some fridges are at around 50% capacity or less. You can consolidate some goods so that you can turn off one or two fridges.

Check also if your fridges effectively keep the cold air in. Call for repair immediately if there are some problems to avoid energy wastage.

5. Adjust your thermostat.

Climate control is one of the most effective ways to take control of your energy consumption. To optimise your energy usage:

Take note that every degree increase in your setting during winter can cost you 15% more energy. Every degree decrease in temperature during the summer will require 10% more energy.

Limit the people who can control the thermostat so that you can set them at their most optimum setting. Keep it away from direct sunlight, drafts, and mechanical equipment.

Insulate your office and establishment properly to help ensure energy usage is maximised. Fit your windows with shutters and blinds to reduce the amount of sunlight coming in. Make sure to insulate your ceiling and floors as well to efficiently cool your place during summer and to prevent the heated air from escaping during winter.


6. Check your air conditioning.

Your air conditioning is essential for the comfort of your employees and customers. However, it may also take a big chunk of your energy bill. Make sure that your air conditioning system is sufficient for the size of your space. Pay attention to the energy rating of your air conditioning to give you an idea of its usage and efficiency.

Do not forget to regularly maintain or service your air conditioning. The build-up of dust and debris in your filters and vents can make it inefficient. It will also be unhealthy and unhygienic and can trigger allergies and illnesses.

7. Explore renewable energy options.

Solar panels have become more affordable over the years. Many suppliers now provide easy and affordable payment methods to make it easier for every household and business to enjoy this free source of energy.

Once installed, you can have an alternate source of energy which can help you save on your utility bills. You also get to enjoy incentives from the government, such as a 50% tax reduction from the cost of your purchase.

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Even without a pandemic, adapting the above steps can help you become more efficient. You are also helping create a greener world. Know that as you do this, Coles is here for you!

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