Buying an Air Conditioner

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1. Avoid buying off the shelf air conditioners from retail stores that do not have specialist expertise to measure and advise you on your air conditioning needs.

2. Avoid selecting an air conditioner on the basis of the horsepower (HP). Check the fine print. The true capacity is shown as “net cooling/heating capacity” in WATTS (kW) as tested under load (Australian Standard AS1861).

3. Air conditioners are like cars. Some manufacturers claim 50 miles per gallon, but this is under ideal conditions with no wind, hills or car body. An inexpensive machine may not give the same performance.

4. Air conditioners are usually sized for average summer temperatures. To ensure comfort during extreme summer conditions, we recommend sizing up to a larger capacity machine. Never waste money buying an under sized conditioner – it will not work!

5. Home air conditioners properly cared for can last 10 to 20 years. We can almost guarantee you will need a filter / service / spare parts in this time. Buy from someone who can provide after sales service.

6. Purchase a known brand noted for availability of spare parts, from a reputable company.

7. Price and installation quality varies, but remember, you usually get what you pay for.

8. Ensure you are quoted on the total price – Delivered and fully installed with no hidden extras.

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