Why is Aircon Maintenance Important?

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A lot of people have the misconception of thinking that their aircon units can be installed and forgotten about. They tend to neglect their units until a problem occurs. They call experts to repair the problem, not knowing that many of these problems can be prevented.

Performing regular maintenance on your aircon unit is extremely important. It will help prolong the life of your air conditioner, save your warranty, reduce energy expenses, improve system efficiency, and avoid small problems from turning into big ones that may be quite expensive.

Read on and see how these factors can be hugely affected by regular maintenance. 

1. Regular air maintenance prolongs the life of your aircon.

An air conditioner decreases in efficiency to about 5% every year if regular maintenance is not done. This means that if you don’t get your unit serviced every year, you’re paying  more money to make it work less efficiently. Minor issues will be detected and fixed immediately by experts through regular maintenance. When they are detected at an early stage, they will not turn into major issues which will keep them operating at their best condition for a longer period of time.

2. Regular aircon maintenance saves your warranty.

Most warranties oblige owners to have their units serviced regularly. Even if your air conditioner is operating perfectly, failing to comply with the requirement of regular maintenance will nullify your warranty. If this happens and the time comes that a problem in your air conditioner occurs, you have no choice but to pay for the expenses out of your own pocket. Why risk that when it could have already been covered by your warranty?

3. Regular aircon maintenance reduces energy expenses.

In simplest terms, your unit will work better if it is in its optimal condition. Recall the day when you first bought your new air conditioner. It surely worked a lot better than your old unit and definitely costs less to run as well. Performing regular maintenance will make your aircon work properly without needing to work too hard just to produce cold air. According to experts, having the filters of your aircon either replaced or cleaned will reduce the amount of energy consumed by your aircon by about 15 percent. This will reduce the energy needed to make your air conditioner operate and decrease your electricity bill.

4. Regular aircon maintenance improves system efficiency.

Improving system efficiency goes with reducing energy expenses. The fewer barriers there are that prevent the system to work properly, the better it will work. When minor issues are detected and fixed early, your system will be able to function at its fullest. This will reduce your electricity bill while you get to enjoy the cool temperature of your home.

What does aircon maintenance involve?

The coils of your unit naturally collect dirt. The debris that accumulates here obstructs airflow which decreases the ability of the coil to absorb heat. This debris will be cleaned during maintenance. The coil fins will also be checked if they are not chipped or bent. The condensate drains are also cleaned. The amount of refrigerant is also checked and any leakages will be fixed. The electric terminal, motor, and belts will also be inspected for wear and tear.

Seek the help of a professional for regular aircon maintenance

It is strongly recommended that you perform aircon maintenance twice a year – during spring and autumn. If you would like to improve the performance of your air conditioner, contact our team at  Coles Refrigeration & Air Conditioning. Our experts will make sure that the quality of the air that circulates in your home will be better than ever before. Call us today!

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