Tips for Using Your Commercial Air Conditioner During Summer

Tips for Using Your Commercial Air Conditioner During Summer

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Commercial air conditioner preventive maintenance tips

Saying that a hot summer without proper commercial air conditioning is uncomfortable is an understatement. During hotter months, turning your commercial air conditioner is perfectly natural as a respite from the heat. However, having your air conditioning unit give out on you in the middle of summer is a sticky situation.

Commercial aircon units are especially important. If they give out and break, your building gets hot, and the clientele would feel stuffy. A commercial building without a working AC is not enjoyable to do business in. That is why you need to use your AC in ways that maximise its best features without exhausting it.

Neglecting or exhausting your commercial air conditioner during the warmer months is a recipe for disaster. For business owners, this is important if they want to be welcoming and open to customers and staff. Therefore, taking the initiative and caring for AC units are a must. Unfortunately, only some people know what steps to take when using their commercial air conditioners during summer. Fortunately, there are many tips to consider to keep your commercial AC unit up and running.

Why Do You Need to Mind Your AC During Summer

Why Do You Need to Mind Your AC During Summer?

For a short and precise answer: because it is hot. You should be mindful of how you use your building’s commercial AC unit to prolong its lifespan. Proper usage not only maximises the effectiveness of a unit but also prevents breakdowns and damage in summer.

Aside from the obvious benefit of being able to keep cool, there are many other advantages. Here are a few benefits to properly using your commercial AC unit during the summer:

Cools surroundings and makes the building more inviting

A cool building interior is a welcome change when it is hot outside. Customers are more likely to go inside a cool building than a hot, stuffy one. Also, with colder surroundings, a building can be an excellent place to take shade. Plus, it would not be too hot if anyone needed to do business in the area.

Comfortable for staff and customers

A cooler building provides comfort and respite to staff and customers during hotter months. More people will be likely to stay in your building without much discomfort from the heat. This can help customers and staff who must remain there for long periods. In addition, having a commercial aircon will help give good impressions on your business. After all, who would want to go to a humid, stuffy, and sweltering business building?

Helps increase productivity and activity

When your employees are comfortable in the workplace, their productivity can go higher. A sweltering commercial building is uncomfortable. Having a running AC unit helps cool down the workplace temperature and help your staff work more efficiently and comfortably. Without an AC, it is easy to feel exhausted, and you do not want that to happen.

Lesser expenses for future repairs

If your unit gets neglected, minor damages that could have been caught earlier can snowball into a bigger issue. Expensive repairs happen because of this. If you are not mindful of how you use your air conditioner during the summer, it will break.

Caring for your unit lessens the risk of breaking down and, therefore, the repair costs. If you have a tight budget, make sure to care for your air conditioner. As the adage says, prevention is better than cure.

Prevents electronics and equipment from overheating

It is typical for big electronic equipment to overheat during the summer months. This can damage your electronic units or hinder them from performing at their best. In a business, this is not ideal at all.

It is best to keep your aircon on to keep your stuff running smoothly. With a cooler environment, your electronic equipment does not have to work as hard. This also lessens the risk of causing fires or electronic malfunctions caused by overheating.

Staves off and prevents heat stroke

Last but not the least, using your AC properly can help you prevent heat stroke. If you maintain your air conditioner, it will not break down and cause trouble. Having your unit break down in the middle of summer increases the chances of heat stroke. If summer turns out especially hot, you need a functioning air conditioner to ward off heat stroke. Of course, you need to take other precautions, such as drinking water, but having an air conditioner helps.

4 Simple Tips for Using Your Commercial Air Conditioner During Summer

4 Simple Tips for Using Your Commercial Air Conditioner During Summer

1. Make sure you check your commercial AC unit before summer starts

It would be horrible to find out something is wrong with your unit in the middle of summer. Check your unit and fix it up if needed before the heat comes. You should do routine maintenance before summer to keep cool in the heat. Also, remember to be always on top of repairs, as this can help you avoid bigger issues. A thorough rundown of the aircon unit to check if all parts are working well could also be necessary.

2. Set up a reasonable temperature for your aircon.

You need to set your AC at a temperature that is not too high or too low. If it is set too warm, the temperature might remain hot. On the other hand, when set too cold, your aircon unit has a risk of overwork and freezing up. Both are not good for your commercial AC unit and can cause it to break. Also, avoid fiddling with the temperature dials often.

3. Schedule and time your usage well.

If you keep turning your aircon on and off, it can cause damage and add to your bills. Try to keep it running in the background without putting it at maximum. If you keep switching it on and off, it can do more harm than good. It is best to keep your aircon running as it prevents overheating and regulates temperature better.

Sometimes, setting your aircon on a timer that automatically turns off is best. Moreover, it is better to keep it on during hotter hours of the day and time it to close after.

3. Get your AC serviced

Sometimes, doing things yourself can cause more issues with your unit. For example, you want to avoid accidentally breaking your air conditioner right before the warmer months come. To be safe, get your commercial air conditioner serviced by professionals.

Call Coles Air Conditioning and Refrigeration for All Your Commercial Air Conditioning Needs

Call Coles Air Conditioning and Refrigeration for All Your Commercial Air Conditioning Needs

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