The best air conditioning units for large homes or commercial spaces

The best air conditioning units for large homes or commercial spaces

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Some ideas to help when shopping for air conditioners for expansive spaces.

Have you ever stayed in a building that was simply too warm and stuffy during the warmer months? Without an AC, your surroundings may easily become unpleasant, distracting, and unproductive. The lack of a cooling unit might become a significant problem within commercial buildings and large homes.

An effective air conditioning unit can be incredibly valuable in hot weather. AC units are excellent ins since they keep you, your staff, and your customers cool.

It is crucial to ensure that the air conditioning unit you install fits the size of the building to get the right temperature. Whether installing a new one or changing one, choose the best AC unit you can get.

For the best air conditioning units for larger buildings, here are the best choices in the market.

5 best air conditioning units for large buildings and commercial spaces

5 best air conditioning units for large buildings and commercial spaces

Cassette AC Units

Cassette air conditioners are ideal for heating and cooling in big, expansive areas. They are put on ceilings and are simple to conceal. They work just like any other wall-mounted split-type AC. Cassette AC units are the best option when there is limited room, and a greater cooling system is needed.

Ducted AC Units

Efficient and adjustable, these ducted AC systems provide their best performance in the background. Often, they are not noticeable as they are concealed within the hollow ceiling area.

This neatly-hidden central AC system works effectively in large commercial structures like shopping malls or grocery stores. However, these air conditioners are not suitable for homes and residential buildings.

Floor Mounted AC Units

Floor-mounted AC units are a great choice in buildings or spaces where wall and ceiling spaces are unavailable. This type of air conditioner can fit any type of building as it varies in sizes. All it needs is an electric connection and other things your service providers can fix for you. A floor-mounted AC is one of the most convenient units as it is also somewhat portable.

Split-type AC Units

Split-type air conditioners provide cooling in a simple manner. Split-type AC units are among the least expensive alternatives available. Still, installation and fitting can be completed within a few hours. These AC systems are suitable for cooling down a single room or a spread-out area. Split-types work well for both residential and commercial structures.

Suspended AC Units

The term “under ceiling AC unit” also refers to suspended air conditioning units. These would be especially suitable for tiny rooms requiring precise temperature regulation but cannot accommodate larger units.

Variable Refrigerant Flow Units

Property owners that seek to reduce energy bills can choose a variable refrigerant flow AC unit. It is energy-efficient and space-saving. These VRF units are dependable, simple to operate, and ideally suited for large commercial settings. These act like a more complex version of split-type AC units.

Wall-mounted air conditioning units

Wall-mounted air conditioners are very effective and are frequently used in buildings. They are typically mounted high on a wall and best used in a closed area. This allows airflow to reach all areas of the room. These AC units fit smaller offices, stores, and homes.  Wall-mounted units are some of the most common air conditioning systems in buildings.

What are the benefits of getting an air conditioning unit

What are the benefits of getting an air conditioning unit?

1. More comfortable temperatures

The main benefit of getting an air conditioner is temperature regulation. In a spacious enclosed area like a commercial building, things can feel hot and humid easily. Fortunately, an aircon can help with that. Aside from physical discomfort, it could also prevent electronic materials from overheating and breaking down.

2. Better productivity and energy levels

Working in a hot, stuffy environment is tiring. A new aircon can help you get over that feeling.

Uncomfortable temperatures impact people’s productivity negatively. In the workplace, being either too hot or cold can have a direct impact on productivity. Your staff will not be as driven in the heat as they would be whenever the temperature is more comfortable. Productivity declines in hot weather. But regardless of how hot the weather gets, air conditioning can help create ideal temperatures and help sustain productivity levels.

3. Healthier air and environment

Most air conditioners nowadays are equipped with air filters. These filters filter out dust and can prevent the spread of allergens.

Fungi, mites, and other types of dirt also get filtered out. Thus, AC units greatly improve the air quality of the rooms they are in. This shows that air conditioners can keep a person happy and healthy.

4. Better security and safety of the home

Without an air conditioner, you would have to open your windows to cool off. You need to keep many things open to keep the airflow going. Unfortunately, this is not the safest thing to do. When you sleep at night, keeping a window wide open to cool down poses a risk. Aside from insects and pollution, unwanted human visitors can get inside. With an AC unit, you can keep everything closed, safe, and secure.

Let Coles Refrigeration help install your commercial AC unit

Let Coles Refrigeration help install your commercial AC unit.

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