Case Study: Maitland Surfboard Collection House

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Coles Refrigeration & Air Conditioning was recently approached by a client in Maitland who had just finished building a bespoke house and was in need of a reliable and efficient ducted air conditioning system. The client was looking for a system that could provide optimal comfort throughout the entire house, while also being energy-efficient and easy to maintain.

The project came with a unique request – they wanted their ducted air conditioning system to blend in seamlessly with their surf board display collection. The client was an avid surfer and had a large collection of surf boards displayed in their home, and they didn’t want the air conditioning ducts to detract from the aesthetics of the collection. Coles Refrigeration & Air Conditioning were able to provide this service by custom designing and installing ducts that matched the shape and style of the surf boards. The end result was an air conditioning system that blended in perfectly with the surf board collection, and the client was extremely happy with the outcome.

Case Study: Maitland Surfboard Collection House | Surfboard Collection House

After conducting a thorough assessment of the client’s needs, Coles Refrigeration & Air Conditioning recommended a Mitsubishi Electric ducted air conditioning system. This system was chosen for its energy-efficient performance, quiet operation, and advanced features such as zone control and programmable thermostats.

The installation process was carried out by a team of experienced technicians from Coles Refrigeration & Air Conditioning. The team first ran the necessary ductwork throughout the house to ensure that the air conditioning could be distributed evenly throughout all rooms. They then installed the outdoor unit and connected it to the indoor unit via the ductwork. Finally, they connected the system to the client’s existing electrical and gas supply.

Throughout the installation process, the team worked closely with the client to ensure that their needs were being met and that the system was being installed to their exact specifications. They also provided the client with detailed instructions on how to use and maintain the system to ensure that it would continue to perform at its best for years to come.

The client was extremely pleased with the final result, noting that the system was providing optimal comfort throughout the entire house, even in the hot summer months. They also appreciated the energy-efficient performance of the system, which resulted in lower energy bills compared to their previous air conditioning system.

In conclusion, Coles Refrigeration & Air Conditioning was able to provide a bespoke solution that met the specific needs of the client in Maitland. The Mitsubishi Electric ducted air conditioning system was the perfect fit for the client’s requirements and provided optimal comfort, energy-efficiency, and ease of maintenance. The team’s attention to detail and commitment to meeting the client’s needs ensured that the installation was carried out to the highest standard.

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