The Importance of Custom Range Hoods

The Importance of Custom Range Hoods

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Custom hoods make significant impact on your kitchen and overall safety

A custom range hood removes air pollutants produced by frequent cooking but is also designed to cater to your kitchen’s preferences. Smoke, heat, oil, and other pollutants linger in the air and surroundings after cooking. When ventilation is not available in the kitchen, these elements will stay in the air and make breathing difficult, as well as leaving the place greasy and filthy.

This will require additional cleaning on your part. Because of that, you will not be able to enjoy cooking or moving in your kitchen. As such, a custom hood is one of the essential kitchen items you can own. So, the question is – isn’t a typical range hood sufficient for this purpose? What else can a custom hood do that a regular one cannot? Look at the following differences below and see.

What can a range custom hood do for your kitchen

What can a range custom hood do for your kitchen?

We often want to decorate our homes in a unique, aesthetically pleasing, and personal way, reflecting our style, taste, and personality. That is why homes today have interiors with many unique varying aesthetics. It is not just about aesthetics, though. Custom hoods also aid with kitchen sanitation, give some extra lighting, and eliminate excess heat if needed.

Below are some examples compiled by the team here at Coles Air Conditioning of just what a custom hood could offer you:

Wide choice of designs

The term “custom” is the ability to create things to fit any purpose or design to personal taste. You’ll need high-quality providers to do this because not every contractor will be able to accomplish this.

This is why you should choose the best that can cater to what you envision for your home. There are barely any boundaries to what you can create in terms of colours, materials, or style. With customisation, you can create a hood that can fit perfectly in your home.

Choice of materials based on purpose

Range hoods can be made of numerous materials including wood, glass, aluminium, or stainless steel. However, with a customised hood, you can use any material you desire based on style and function. You can choose among various materials based on the characteristics you want in a kitchen hood. You can also choose the style and colours but, when you choose regular hoods, you will only have a few choices.

For example, wood can look rustic and homely. It’s also easy to style and decorate. Stainless steel hoods are resilient, environmentally friendly, and simple to clean. There is also tempered glass which can add a more modern vibe. On top of that, glass is also relatively easy to clean.

Easy incorporation into interior design

Range hoods are often rather large and stand out in smaller residential kitchens. This gives you an option to design the hood to match your kitchen instead of vice versa. Most custom hoods are made to fit in a specific kitchen’s look and most custom pieces tie the entire ensemble together. With the right design, the custom hood could grab people’s attention and elevate your kitchen. This will make the interior of your kitchen much easier on the eyes.

What are the general benefits of custom range hoods

What are the general benefits of custom range hoods?

Improved air circulation

When you have company, your kitchen will probably encounter a lot of foot traffic but It can become intolerable to stay in the kitchen for an extended period of time because of emissions from cooking. Simply install a customised kitchen hood to help with air circulation to keep your kitchen safe.

Odours from burnt, strong-smelling foods and residue can irritate people who are sensitive to smells. Range hoods also have blowers that absorb a lot of the heat generated by the cooking. This helps keep your kitchen less hot, less suffocating, and more pleasant.

Carbon monoxide removal

These hoods also absorb carbon monoxide. Carbon monoxide is a poisonous gas that can be fatal if too much of it is inhaled. Therefore, if your kitchen is not ventilated properly, this gas may accumulate and become a health hazard.

Easy cleaning

Easy-to-clean materials are available for custom range hoods. For example, stainless steel and tempered glass can be cleaned by simply wiping. These range hoods can also absorb the gases that put residue on your walls and ceiling. It is more economical as this will save you money and time that would otherwise be spent cleaning.

Upgradeable lighting

Dim spots and shadows over stoves can still be a problem even if kitchens have adequate lighting. In dim spaces, cooking can be a difficult task, especially for those with weak vision. Installing a custom hood will give you additional lighting that brightens the area above the stove. This will allow you to see what you are cooking more clearly. As such, it would be less dangerous. This is a feature of many range hoods, but with less control or aesthetic appeal.

Aesthetic appeal

Customised hoods give your kitchen that polished look that sets it apart from other kitchens.  They are available in a variety of materials and patterns which allows you to customise hoods to best suit your tastes and preferences. Everyone can appreciate good interior design. That’s why range hoods provide a nice touch to your kitchen.

Increased property sale appeal

The kitchen is regarded as one of the most crucial parts of a home by many prospective homebuyers. If you plan to sell your house, it’s smart to install a custom hood in the kitchen. This will help raise the value of your home. If a property’s appearance sets it apart, potential buyers might be more willing to pay the asking price. Potential buyers will more likely select your upgraded property.

Contact Coles Air Conditioning for custom hood installations and kitchen exhaust repairs

Contact Coles Air Conditioning for custom hood installations and kitchen exhaust repairs

There are numerous things to consider when designing your kitchen exhaust system and customising your kitchen hood. It is quite a daunting task that requires expertise, skills, and effort. Taking everything into consideration is challenging but not impossible when you have professionals on your side.

In Newcastle, the Central Coast, and the Hunter Valley, Coles Air Conditioning is the name to remember. Operating since 1939, the team has the skill and technical know-how needed in the industry. With our experience, we can give you the best and the most dependable services in the market!

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