Ultimate Cool Room Shelving Comparison

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Comparing cool room shelving systems from top 4 manufacturers. Which is better?

Cool room shelving systems come in different types, sizes, and materials used. As a result, choosing from the vast selection of shelving systems on the market can be somewhat overwhelming.

So how do we choose the right shelving system for specific applications?

First, we’ll get to know more about shelving systems such as the materials used, finishes, and antimicrobial components.

Next, we’ll talk about “food standards” and why food-based businesses should follow health and safety regulations.

Finally, we’ll get to know the top shelving manufacturers and compare them side by side. And after that, we’ll find out which of these companies sincerely comply with the “food standards”.

What is cool room shelving?

A shelving system for a cool room is essential for proper food handling and storage. Cool room shelving systems allow food in containers to cool evenly. Moreover, their surfaces are made from non-porous, food-grade materials which are excellent in preventing bacteria build-up while keeping stored food fresh and safe to consume.

Types of Shelving Material or Finish

Antimicrobial agents act as second layer of protection for the shelving units. Take note that most shelving manufacturers claim that they have “antimicrobial protection built-in”. This simply means antimicrobial components were added during the shelf manufacturing process.

HACCP Approved Commercial Kitchen Shelving

Obviously, if you’re in the food-based business, it is crucial that you are aware of all the health and safety regulations. Most importantly, you need to comply with them. Selecting the proper kitchen equipment and cool room shelving system directly affects your business’ ROI.

It should be noted that hygiene is a huge factor in determining a food-based business’ success. Therefore, choosing the proper shelving for cool rooms is extremely important. Manufacturers are aware of this and so they integrated antimicrobial components into the shelving.

Ultimate Cool Room Shelving Comparison | Cool Room Shelving

But antimicrobial integration into the shelving is not enough!

The Australian FOOD STANDARD states that:

The food contact surfaces of fixtures, fittings and equipment must be able to be easily and effectively cleaned and, if necessary, sanitised if there is a likelihood that they will cause food contamination“.


HACCP Implementation in Commercial Kitchens and Food-based Businesses

In addition to this, the FOOD STANDARD requires the implementation of HACCP concepts on all food-based businesses. Therefore, the use of HACCP approved kitchen equipment and shelving unit is mandatory.

Shelving units used for storing food and other perishable goods must be designed so that they are easily detached and cleaned immediately.

Consequently, finding the right cool room shelving system that meets this requirement is a requisite for your business to comply with the health and safety regulations.

Top 4-Tier Cool Room Shelving Brands Comparison

1. Atlas Shelving - Food Service Machinery (FSM)

Atlas open metal wire shelving can handle extreme temperatures in hot and cold environments.

Open wire shelving posts are 1800mm high

Atlas shelves have a bright silver-coloured finish which is a result of the zinc-chromate electroplating topped with true powder-epoxy coating.

The shelves are strong and sturdy. The open wire truss assembly reinforces the shelves. Moreover, the welding of the surface ribs from front to back increases durability.

Open wire shelves allow more light to pass through than other types of shelves. Likewise, there is better merchandise visibility compared to other types of shelf design. Furthermore, shelves are adjustable at 1 inch or 25-mm increments.

Atlas shelves have a load-bearing capacity of 200 kgs.

The shelving have built-in antimicrobial properties that prevent bacterial development.

Open wire shelving design provides sufficient air circulation.

Atlas shelving is perfect for freezers, coolers and other dry storage rooms.

They come with a 10-year warranty against corrosion and rust.

Ultimate Cool Room Shelving Comparison | Cool Room Shelving
Ultimate Cool Room Shelving Comparison | Cool Room Shelving

2. Metro Wire Shelving - InterMetro Industries Corporation

Their patented SiteSelect posts allow quick and trouble-free assembly by hand.

Different Metro wire shelving finish for different applications:

  • Stainless steel for corrosive environments
  • Attractive epoxy colour options for merchandising applications
  • Chrome-plated for dry storage
  • Super Erecta Brite and
  • Metroseal 3 with Microban antimicrobial product protection – a corrosion-resistant finish over an epoxy coating.

Posts and frames are either made from Type 304 stainless steel or heavy-gauge carbon steel.

Metro wire shelves, like those from Atlas, allow more light to pass through than other types of shelves. They provide better merchandise visibility as well. Furthermore, the shelves are easy to detach from all sides.

You can adjust the shelves at 1 inch or 25-mm increments. What’s more, the open construction design allows more space for storage bins.

Shelves can handle 600 lbs. (272kgs) to 800 lbs. (363kgs) of load.

Metro’s shelving system uses their trademarked Metroseal 3, an epoxy coating that contains Microban. The latter is antimicrobial protection from odour-causing bacteria, fungus, mould, and mildew.

Metro’s shelving system uses their trademarked Metroseal 3, an epoxy coating that contains Microban. The latter is antimicrobial protection from odour-causing bacteria, fungus, mould, and mildew.

Open wire shelves are excellent in providing sufficient air circulation

The Metro wire shelving system is ideal for dry storage areas and cool rooms.

On Super Erecta Pro Shelf Frames, Metroseal 3 Epoxy-Coated Posts, and Metroseal 3 Epoxy-Coated Shelves, there is a 12-year warranty against rust formation and corrosion. Likewise, Metro wire shelving comes with a one (1)-year warranty for product defects and workmanship.

Footplates and “S” hooks.

3. Cambro Shelving - Cambro Manufacturing

The post-sharing feature provides an effortless shelving assembly which allows more space for storage. Also, connecting the posts and traverses are made possible through dovetail connection and, therefore, doesn’t require any connectors.

However, you have to use a rubber mallet during assembly.

Starter units are 64″ (1630 mm) high.

Polypropylene material covers the steel core inside traverses and posts. Polypropylene is a non-composite and non-corrosive material which also covers the shelves.

Vented Cambro shelves are easy to remove for cleaning. You can adjust the shelves at an increment of 4 inches or 10.5 mm.

Sharing of posts from existing units allow other units to connect in a straight line. Also, this makes the Cambro shelving system so easy to fit in any space.

Starter unit vented shelves can hold up to 600 lbs. or 272 kgs.

Cambro has its antimicrobial product called Camguad, a silver-ion antimicrobial technology that suppresses the development of:

  • odour-causing bacteria
  • fungus
  • mould
  • stains and
  • product degradation

Vented shelves provide excellent airflow especially to perishable goods.

Cambro shelving or Camshelves are versatile, you can use them for indoors and outdoors. They are ideal for walk-in freezers and coolers, out-of-the-house display or wet areas, and dry storage areas.

No need to worry about additional replacement cost, Cambro shelves come with a lifetime anti-corrosion warranty.

Optional accessories are Seismic Foot, Wall Fastener, Dunnage Stand, and Identification Tags.

Ultimate Cool Room Shelving Comparison | Cool Room Shelving
Ultimate Cool Room Shelving Comparison | Cool Room Shelving

4. Mantova Post Style with Real Tuff Shelves - Mantova

Mantova Shelving is HACCP Approved. In particular, they are the only company on this list that sincerely complies with the “food standards.”

The “ALL GAL” or galvanised in and out steel posts on a 4-tier shelving are 1800 mm high. The posts are equipped with Mantova bullet foot which allows up to 30 mm height adjustment.

Mantova posts and frames have either Zinc Lacquered Galvanised Steel or 304 Grade Polished Stainless Steel finishes. The shelves are coated with ABS Real Tuff, Polished Stainless Steel, and Zinc with Clear Lacquer finishes.

To save time and cost, Mantova shelves are designed to detach easily for quick cleaning. They are dishwasher-safe as well.

Real Tuff shelves can hold up to 250 kgs. of load.

Mantova uses Life Antimicrobial Product Protection for their shelving system.

Large flat surfaces on Real Tuff shelves have medium-sized holes that allow air to pass through.

Mantova shelves are best used in cool rooms, freezers, and dry storage areas.

Should there be any manufacturing defects in the unit, the Structural Warranty allows replacement within the first 12 months of use.

Adjustable Feet Wall, Fix Bracket Post, Clamps, and Castors.

To sum it all up

Different shelving systems have their pros and cons. Each of them is perfectly designed for a specific purpose. However, since cool room shelving systems are used in most food-based businesses — it is extremely important that they are HACCP Approved.

Do you have a commercial kitchen or catering business? We can quote and deliver commercial cool room shelving Australia wide and if you are based in the Hunter Region, Newcastle, Lake Macquarie or the Central Coast we are happy to visit your premises and provide a full assessment of your current equipment and requirements.

Our team at Coles is your best choice when you need help in selecting the perfect shelving system for your business. We provide high-quality shelving units and accessories plus we do installation services and maintenance as well.

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