Common Air Conditioning Installation Mistakes

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installing an air conditioning unit may seem simple

Installing an air conditioning unit may seem simple, but it is actually more complicated than you might think. To ensure that you install your unit properly, you have to consider a range of factors, including the size of your air conditioning unit, the dimensions of the room you are going to put it into, and the positioning of your unit inside the room.

Before installation, choose the best-fitted air conditioning unit for your building

Properly installing your air conditioning unit requires understanding your intended space and the appropriate unit for it. The largest and most expensive air conditioning unit is not always the best for your room. The newly-released unit in your local mall will not always provide the best temperature for your intended space. Before thinking about installation, you have to first decide which air conditioning unit best meets your needs.

If you are not sure about which unit to choose, it is wise to seek the help of professional air conditioning technicians. If you live in Newcastle, talk with Coles Refrigeration and Air Conditioning to pick the best air conditioning unit for your home or building!

Dangers of incorrectly installing your air conditioning unit

dangers of incorrectly installing your air conditioning unit

There are heaps of things that could go wrong if the installation of your air conditioning unit is improper. The reduced life span of your air conditioning unit will be the least of your worries if you install your unit incorrectly.

If you choose a larger unit, you may end up paying more than what is actually necessary. Incorrect installation of units can also result in higher energy bills, increased operational expense, frequent repairs and maintenance, and a property with less-than-ideal average temperature.

6 Common mistakes when installing air conditioning units

If you have no prior experience to installing air conditioning units, you may be vulnerable to making some of these seemingly harmless mistakes. These gaffes may be minor, but when combined together, they can end up costing you a new unit earlier than anticipated.

· Putting your air conditioning unit in the wrong position

The position of your air conditioning unit affects its effectiveness and efficiency. You have to put your unit in a location with shade, and make sure that you do not situate it in an area exposed to high temperatures. Doing so means that your air conditioning unit does not need to work harder than necessary to cool your home.

· Blocking the exterior part of your unit with shrubbery

Make sure that the rear parts of your unit are not blocked by shrubbery. Air conditioning units may not look aesthetically-pleasing outside your home, but trying to conceal it with shrubbery can affect its ventilation and drainage. Installing your air conditioning unit in the right position not only extends your unit’s life span, it also minimises your energy bills.

· Having improper insulation in your room

Insulation is an important factor to consider when installing your air conditioning units. An improperly installed unit can result in inefficiency in the cooling system. It could also lead to early equipment failure, leakage of cooled air, and an increased workload for you unit.

To prevent these from happening, the open areas between the window panes surrounding your unit must be filled with insulating foams. Choosing the right-sized ducts is also needed to improve circulation in your room.

· Setting the wrong thermostat

Most people want to reach the coldest temperature their air conditioning unit can provide as soon as they turn on their unit. To do this, they usually set the thermostat to its lowest setting possible. Doing this is not only ineffective, but also causes higher energy bills. Your air conditioning unit cools your room at its own pace. Turning your thermostat to its lowest setting will not help hasten the process.

· Placing your unit close to a heat source

If you automate your thermostat, it automatically adjusts to the temperature of the room it is in. Placing it near a heat source such as heaters or lamps will push your thermostat to make unnecessary adjustments. Instead of adjusting the cooling system relative to the room temperature, it will adjust based on its nearest heat source. This overworks your air conditioning unit, resulting in higher energy bills, reduced unit life span, and a room colder than your ideal temperature.

· Not inspecting for leaks

It is important to inspect the coolant levels when doing your own air conditioner installation. Just because your air conditioning is new, it does not automatically mean that your system was not damaged during delivery or installation. Improper installation and handling can cause leakage, which consequently results in increased energy bills. High exposure to leakages can also lead to various health problems.

These are just some of the various mistakes that you should avoid when doing DIY air conditioner installation. If you want to make sure that you pick the right unit, choose the best position for your system, and install it the proper way, then it is advisable to approach experienced air conditioning technicians. In Newcastle, Central Coast, Hunter Valley and Lake Macquarie, Coles Refrigeration and Air Conditioning has got your back.

Proper installation matters! Contact Coles for assistance with air conditioning installation

To maximise your air conditioning unit’s use without sacrificing your energy bill, it is wise to enlist the assistance of professionals for your air conditioning installation. With our help, your unit will function without any fuss or hassle at all. Noise from improperly installed and designed units will not be a problem with Coles Refrigeration and Air Conditioning.

Our qualified technicians can also help you reduce further service costs from frequent unit maintenance. Proper installation can extend the life of your air conditioning unit and helping you save money for more important affairs. Above all, proper installation will improve your comfort and safety. A properly-installed unit will provide the optimal temperature in your room, increasing your comfort within your property. Your safety from constantly-changing humidity, temperature variance, and carbon monoxide leaks can also be prevented.

Let Coles handle your air conditioner installation. Contact us at (02) 4957 0221 at any time of the day. We offer 24/7 emergency services for especially for businesses that operate round the clock. You may also visit us at our address at 141 Lambton Rd Broadmeadow NSW 2292 to speak with a representative.

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