Roband GT400 Griddle Benchtop Equipment


Roband GT400

Imagine having the flexibility to be able to prepare a wide range of foods from steaks, eggs, bacon and hamburgers and simultaneously produce a variety of toasted food on a single machine! The new Roband griddle toasters lead the market in functionality and performance, smartly designed and cleverly engineered Roband’s new range of griddle toasters features two separate elements which allows for the independent operation of the cooking plate and toaster, 8mm thick steel plate for superior heat retention, compacted elements and improved clamping for faster recovery and improved reliability, independent operation of toasting and plate cooking functions for maximum versatility, thermostat control on plate cooking elements for rapid response and recovery, integrated grease box, removable crumb tray for easy cleaning, wire rack with bun stop and rack stop prevents food from falling, durable stainless steel construction with stylish brushed finish, 15 amp power supply.


Width: 425 mm
Depth: 500 mm
Height: 375 mm