Vitamix T&G™ 2 Blending Station VM42009/ VM44004 Drink Blender Benchtop Equipment


Vitamix T&G™ 2 Blending Station VM42009/ VM44004

The T&G™ 2 Blending Station® is designed to consistently mix the most popular drinks, unattended, every time. It has thirty four different mixing programs that allow you to blend almost any drink at the touch of a button. Each program combines the right speed and timing to produce perfectly blended and homogenised drinks with no icy chunks. The blender comes complete with a perspex sound-reducing cover and the body casing around the motor is specially designed to ensure that the blender runs quieter than the level of normal conversation. The In-counter T&G 2 Blending Station has the same features as the On-counter (VM42009), with the additional feature of in-counter mounting. The combination of in-counter mounting and the low profile cover makes this machine ideal for juice bars or similar operations. The in-counter mounting provides extra stability, ease of cleaning and a neat appearance, making them ideal for exceptionally busy operations. Available as on-counter or in-counter model. In-counter mounting provides extra stability, ease of cleaning and neat appearance, touch pad with 34 programs and pulse switch, 0.9 Ltr high-impact, clear/stackable Advance® container, complete with Advance® blade assembly and lid and removable compact cover, ~2 peak output HP* motor, turns off automatically at the completion of program,low profile and sound reducing cover.