Solid top gas hotplate with gas oven constructed in AISI 304 stainless steel. Radiant hotplate in heavy gauge cast iron, with fins for correct heat diffusion and central “bulls‐eye”. Heated by a high‐power double‐ring burner in cast iron for temperatures up to 500°C in the centre of the plate. Complete with pilot burner and safety thermocouple. Gas supply controlled by thermostatic safety valve. Automatic piezoelectric ignition. GN 2/1 gas oven with thermostatic control valve providing temperature adjustment from 100°C to 330°C. Stable flame burner complete with pilot flame, safety thermocouple and piezoelectric ignition. Oven power: 29mj. The appliance is supported on height‐adjustable stainless‐steel feet.
Width: 800 mm
Depth: 730 mm
Height: 900 mm