Roband GMX Salamander Toaster Benchtop Equipment


Roband GMX

The Roband Grill Max toaster series is a statement of minimalist design and functionality. It’s timeless look belies a machine that is simple to use, functional, reliable and economical. Used for a variety of product preparation, from grilled food to open melts and toasted sandwiches, these machines optimise infra-red output to maximise speed and efficiency. Stylish stainless steel body, Dura-life stainless steel elements for prolonged element life, energy regulator control, 5 minute timer with warning bell, brushed stainless steel finish for easy cleaning of external surface, easy-clean removable crumb tray & reflector, top and bottom or top only heat selection, multiple rack positions, removable rack runners for easy cleaning. Available in 6, 8 or 15 slice capacity.