B&S HI PAC Wok Cooker


The B&S Hi-Pac wok cooker features the latest technology in gas combustion and are essential for Asian establishments which must meet the demands of high turnover and quick response times. These practical developments significantly reduce cooking time, now making it possible to cook dishes in a wok in 45 seconds. The Hi-Pac cooker is constructed using only quality materials on a heavy duty steel frame designed to prolong the life span of the appliance. Features of this unit include a ceramic lined heating chamber with a flue system that directs the hot air to a rear pot for boiling water. This model does not require water deck cooling, reducing water consumption and costs. The 140 Mj air-forced burner can be smoothly regulated using the B&S designed lever action brass valve for the desired setting. The control box incorporates flame failure safety device and auto-ignition function, as well as a working status indicator. features 304 grade stainless steel used, powered by a powerful and efficient 140-160Mj air forced burner, flame failure safety device and auto ignition function, working status indicator, ceramic lined wok chamber, water tap handles located at the front of the appliance ensuring chef’s hands are protected from heat emitted by burner, lever handle gas controls, solid steel frame construction throughout to prolong life span of the appliance, deck cooling and telescopic laundry arm.

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