B&S Waterless Woks


The wok cooking table is seen as the backbone of most Asian restaurant kitchens, and with water conservation continuing to be a significant environmental issue, B&S has designed a new waterless wok cooker range that will not only save you money on your water bill, but will also assist in the conservation of our precious water supplies. Owing to the extreme amount of heat emitted by wok cookers, conventional appliances require water flowing across the deck of the appliance to cool it down and to prevent the deck from buckling. The new B&S waterless wok range has an air gap located between the ring and the cooking deck eliminating the need for water deck cooling. This ensures that exposed surface temperatures are kept to a minimum and buckling does not occur. The B&S waterless wok cooker features 304 grade stainless steel, choice of Chimney, Duck Bill or Ring Burners fitted with flame failure, combination of no water deck cooling and timed water flows to the laundry arm ensures a reduction in water consumption, resulting in a decrease in sewerage usage and waste discharge fees, pressed top allows for easy cleaning around ring area, front waste gutter allows for greater ease in cleaning, heavily insulated long skirt unflued cast iron rings eliminates radiant heat, heavy duty steel frame construction throughout, 1.5mm thick top ensuring prolonged life,18 month standard warranty, available in 1, 2 or 3 hole woks with option of additional boiling burners.

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