The R90 series is a Gas heated all purpose heavy duty oven range with natural convection. The cooking top can be ordered in any configuration of powerful open burners and 12mm polished grill flat surface.
Configurations:  R90-6: 6 open burners with oven below, R90-4-30G: 4 open burners, 300mm grill with oven below, R90-2-60G: 2 open burners, 600mm grill with oven below, R90-0-90G: 900mm grill with oven below.

Interior oven panels are coated with black vitreous enamel for ease of cleaning
Oven exterior, front and side panel are manufactured from 304 stainless steel
Oven racks are fabricated from 304 stainless steel
Oven racks fit to removable vertical rack guides which provide 6 rack heights
Cast iron open burners
24mj open burners
100% flame failure device to all burners

Width: 900 mm
Depth: 803 mm
Height: 900 mm