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Whether wanting to heat or cool an enclosed area or room on a marine vessel  split air-conditioning offers a suitable and efficient option, however you need to be mindful of a few other factors using these types of systems for marine use such as corrosion, location of equipment, vibration and movement, electrolysis and also power supplies as some ships and boats run on 110 Volt in stead of the standard 240 Volt in Australia, however if we take the above into consideration split systems can be a cheap alternative to conventional marine cooling systems.

There are a variety of split systems that vary in their purpose, with some models specifically cooling or dehumidifying, or other more popular ‘reverse’ systems that offer both warmth in winter and cooling in summer.

When installing a split system, consideration must also be given to inverter and non-inverter technology. For those with energy efficiency on their mind, an Inverter system delivers consistent temperatures in the most efficient, cost effective and productive way.  This is achieved by the system balancing extreme shifts in power and maintaining the temperature over a period of time, thus eliminating the need to re-heat or re-cool an area. This efficient process also eliminates excess noise and reaches any set temperature faster.

If deciding that a split air-conditioning system is a suitable option for your needs, a Coles Sales Engineer will take into account the unique characteristics of your area or room, and produce a customised plan for your air-conditioner that is certain to ensure your system is in optimum running condition. A split System involves both an indoor and outdoor unit that are connected by a series of insulated refrigerant pipes and electrical cables.  Indoor unit options include floor standing, in ceiling cassette or your more common wall mounted systems. The unit’s designs involve clean lines and neutral colours ensuring they blend into any room and decor, the amount of noise emitted by the unit can even be reduced if required on selected models.  Outdoor units are preferably located on the back of the same wall, however if this is not practical the units can be discretely located elsewhere.  Outdoor units will either stand on a concrete slab, plastic feet, and adjustable roof brackets or be mounted by custom made heavy duty hot dipped Galvanised brackets.

The Characteristics of your room or space, including size, use, orientation and windows all influence the size and capacity of the system needed and your Coles engineer will provide reliable advice to which system would be most successful in meeting your requirements, needs and demands.

Over the past 73+ years Coles Refrigeration and Air-Conditioning have maintained their reputation as Newcastle’s leading air-conditioning and refrigeration company by ensuring their staff have the products, knowledge, expertise and experience to create efficient and reliable air-conditioning systems  tailored to your specific requirements.

Contacting Coles refrigeration and Air-conditioning to organise a consultation with a sales engineer will ensure your system is able to meet all of your requirements in the most practical and efficient way.  This process is obligation free, free of charge and will provide you with not only a detailed quote but also honest valuable advice from recognised air-conditioning experts with decades of experience.